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Presentations Offered by Age-Wiser 

Malware, Scams and More

What’s Lurking Inside Your Computer?

Age-Wiser offers an enlightening and “eye-opening” presentation to learn about what might be lurking inside your computer, who put it there, how it can be detected, how to get rid of it … and more importantly, how to protect your online identity and avoid scams and malicious software.  This interactive presentation is geared towards providing older adults with internet safety and information. Perfect for senior retirement communities, churches, clubs, and civic organizations.

(Approximately 1 hour)   

Age-Wiser Launch and Services presentation at River Landing CCRC, Colfax, NC
September 14, 2017

An energetic crowd gathers at River Landing to participate in a presentation designed to raise awareness about online identity theft and electronic device security.  Age-Wiser Founder and President, Jeff Shell introduced the technology team of individuals who provide electronic device services. These services may include malware detection and removal, software updates, system clean-up and optimization, security software and firewall settings. Age-Wiser can help with electronic device repairs and provides pick-up/delivery services for individuals challenged with mobility and transportation issues.  

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