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Reviews From Our Age-Wiser Clients 

"My wife and I purchased three “Nest" brand cameras to help us monitor activities for a loved one living at Whitestone Retirement Community.  Even though these systems are supposed to be “Do-It-Yourself,” we didn’t feel comfortable with the installation and internet security needed to ensure privacy.  Not knowing who to call for help, the retailer suggested we contact Age-Wiser, Inc. Jeff and Josh arrived on time for the scheduled appointment, installed the system and taught us how to use it in less than two hours.  They even helped me haul an old TV out to my truck!  If you are looking for a local, friendly, and trusted resource to help with any of your “senior technology” needs, then I’d highly recommend you consider Age-Wiser." - WS, Greensboro


"I’ll give an A+ to Jeff and the Age-Wiser team!  The kind patience and understanding they have given me and other River Landing residents is greatly appreciated!"- KW, River Landing Resident


"My wife was diagnosed with dementia and has experienced several late night wandering episodes.  Jeff provided us with several anti-wandering options that have been a tremendous help for the whole family.  I sleep better at night knowing my wife is safe."- JW, Summerfield, NC 

"I’m an 89-year old active senior with four daughters, 11 grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.  I use my computer to keep abreast of newly posted family pictures and to generally stay in touch with everyone when I’m alone. I also use online banking because, with arthritic hands, it’s easier to type than to write checks.  When my computer started acting strange and displaying odd pop-up messages telling me it was infected, I called and paid $50 to the person on the other line and gave her access to fix my computer.  The same thing happened the following month and again the following week!  That’s when I started getting worried that I was being scammed. I was embarrassed to ask my children for help.  My friend suggested I call Age-Wiser. Since I no longer drive, a representative from Age-Wiser came, picked up my computer, fixed it, and delivered it back to me in just a few days. I feel safer now and am thankful there’s a resource in town that caters to the senior community.  I’ve called Age-Wiser again to help me set up my new iPad and teach me how to Facebook! " - Janie – Greensboro Resident

 “I was having issues with my computer and became stressed to the max because I didn’t know who to contact or who to trust that would provide an honest and affordable solution. Enter Age-Wiser and exit stress! They came to my community, picked up my computer, performed a health check-up and removed all the bugs, viruses, and other bad stuff that I didn’t even know I had.  They updated my software operating system and cleaned up the unnecessary stuff that had accumulated over months that had caused my computer to operate in slow motion. When it was personally delivered back to my residence, they explained what they had done, offered better options for security software and a suggested a back-up system to prevent me from losing my important bridge files!  They even helped me arrange my desktop so it’s easier to use and more enjoyable.  What a wonderful service for seniors! " - Diana - River Landing Resident


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